A little about us

Most private schools base their promotional materials on a storied history of prestige. At BASIS International School Shenzhen, we do not have a long and illustrious past; instead we have a reputation for results. In fact, assessments of the BASIS Curriculum have demonstrated that our students perform at a higher level than students in traditional American private schools and at a much higher level than all of the students in many countries. The BASIS Curriculum Schools culture has prepared numerous students to take successfully the next step in their academic careers and beyond. We have been making history in education with our schools in the United States, and we are excited to begin our international history in Shenzhen.

7th grade student painting

Our Story

The story of the BASIS Curriculum Schools network began in 1998 when Dr. Michael and Olga Block, world-class economists and academicians, found that the traditional American education system had fallen far behind the best of those found in Europe and Asia. While they enjoyed the spirit and creativity in the American classrooms they saw, they also found that low expectations for American students led to a lack of curricular substance. The Blocks therefore created a brand new school in Tucson, Arizona, and BASIS Curriculum Schools were born, though initially with a small, single campus. The Blocks quickly discovered that students did not falter but instead thrived when challenged, rising to the levels of, and then surpassing, the best students in the world.

The Blocks worked very hard to develop the BASIS Curriculum, and with it, a formula for student success. It is a formula that has proven to pave the way for excellent outcomes over the last twenty years, but which is continually refined to maintain its top standing. The BASIS Curriculum consistently shows that any student can achieve academically when challenged with an exemplary course of study, which is taught by subject-matter experts, and which is supported by a culture of excellence.

That is why what began as a single campus in Tucson, Arizona, USA, has significantly grown. There are now thirty-seven schools across the world – including charter schools, independent schools, and international schools – which use the BASIS Curriculum.

Today, BASIS Curriculum students rank among the world's best. The BASIS Curriculum Schools network has the top five schools in the United States, according to the 2018 rankings from U.S. News & World Report, as well as seven of the U.S.'s top fourteen schools. The network also has seven schools atop the two rankings lists in the 2017 rankings by The Washington Post – the most recent year that the Post issued rankings. BASIS Curriculum students are also highly ranked, year after year, on results of the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) as well as Advanced Placement exams given by the College Board, among many consistent honors and accolades. The BASIS Curriculum Schools network, by any measure, educates students to achieve among the best students on earth.

BASIS Curriculum Schools began expanding the scope of its revolutionary educational operations to international locations in 2014, when it started to recruit teachers from outside of the United States, and to host international students on exchange programs. The next year, in the fall of 2015, the first BASIS International School opened and became the first school outside of the United States to use the BASIS Curriculum: BASIS International School Shenzhen. From the outset, interest in this new international campus was sky-high. Students and families from Asia, as well as American and European ex-pats, flocked to the new institution with the tried-and-true world-class BASIS Curriculum. Since the opening of BASIS International School Shenzhen, four more BASIS International Schools have opened to students, including three more schools in China and one school for young students in the Czech Republic. Several more BASIS Curriculum Schools in China and a school in Bangkok, Thailand, will open to students in autumn, 2019.

The BASIS Curriculum Schools network has been raising the level of their students' learning to the highest international standards for twenty academic years, and it looks forward to continuing to foster a culture of high-level academics for students across the world. BASIS Global is proud to be a part of one of the world's most successful education networks, with such an extraordinary vision for educating students.

The BASIS.ed curriculum and program of study are based on 15 years refinement of a rigorous, challenging, supportive academic experience, ranked among the very best int he world.