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Our goal is to turn the typically stressful admissions process into a seamless, exciting experience. Below are some frequently asked questions about our process. We know that you are bound to have more questions - please contact us or visit one of our info sessions and we will be happy to address them.

Fill out the application form Adobe PDF icon, download student record requests and letters of recommendation, and schedule testing and a family meeting. More details are available in the admissions and registration area of the website.
From their very first day as a BASIS Curriculum student, children see and understand how incredibly seriously we take their education and academic success. This may sound harsh to some parents, but what this actually means for a student is quite the opposite of harsh. We are all a team - your child, other students, teachers, and managers – and the team works together to ensure the success and empowerment of each student. The support your child will receive is unmatched, and the culture that welcomes them each day to explore and learn is warm, spontaneous, alive with curiosity, and always nurturing. Our results are only possible because of such a learning culture.
We do not need this data. The charter schools managed by BASIS Curriculum Schools are all open enrollment. The extraordinary level of success that the charter schools have achieved is not the result of handpicking students who will be easy to teach because they are "teacher-proof". Similarly, BASIS Global welcomes students of all backgrounds because BASIS Curriculum Schools' long experience managing some of the best schools in the world proves that we do a great job.
While BASIS Global offers some SAT preparation on campus, our standard curriculum program naturally prepares students to excel on this exam. Students are confidently prepared for the math, reading, and writing portions of the test through their math and English classes. Students take two English classes in the 9th grade - Honors Literature and Honors Language - which cover the distinct topics of both the critical reading and writing skills required for the SAT. Additionally, students progress through the math curriculum at such a rate that every student has mastered the algebraic and pre-calculus concepts required to be successful on the SAT.
BASIS International teachers are creative in how they present our curriculum to help ensure that everyone in the class is able to learn the material. If further support is needed, we have an academic support program that is very well established and ensures that students who need extra help to understand the material receive assistance from teachers and peers. If your child wants to learn, we are there supporting them every step of the way. Read more about how our teachers teach.
The ratio is 25-1 in middle school, dropping off in 11th and 12th grades as studies become more specialized.

In primary school, there are TWO teachers for each class, the Subject Expert Teacher, and the Learning Expert Teacher who stays with the students throughout the day, in each class, throughout the year.

More important is the BASIS Curriculum Schools principle that the performance of the teacher has vastly greater impact on student learning than the number of students in the room. This has been proven by the Gates Foundation, and is tested year after year in our classrooms. Many of our teachers would suggest that classroom discussion and academic vitality would not be improved by fewer children; quite the opposite effect would occur.
We offer a tremendous variety of extracurricular and athletic activities, always based on student and teacher interest. There will be teams and competitions in leagues after school, but BASIS Global will not let competitive sports interrupt or get in the way of the classroom experience.
While BASIS Global focuses primarily on classroom learning, students do have the opportunity to take field trips when the trip may serve to enhance a class lesson. Our students take occasional field trips during the school year and will regularly make plans to meet during non-school hours to attend such cultural events as the symphony, theater, festival or other activities. These events are not required and are solely based on student interest.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in "Term Projects" each spring. This is a time for enrichment activities which may include:
  • Visits to university lectures
  • Hikes through geological formations
  • Excursions to historical sites or museums
  • International group trips
It requires tremendous administrative support and overhead, which distracts the Head of School and detracts from the academic environment. We also do not want parents to be continually solicited for funding or hope that extra financial contributions will sway influence in the school. However, we welcome parent involvement in other ways such as the PTA or Booster Club.
One of the key differentiators of the BASIS Global program is our early emphasis on preparation for both high school and college.
  • 8th grade and 9th grade: Counseling begins as early as the 8th grade, giving students an early jump on setting goals and formulating plans for their imminent start to high school. The students plan their course sequences and desired coursework with college in mind.
  • 10th Grade: Students meet with college admissions representatives regularly to prep and plan for the SAT and other standardized exams.
  • 11th Grade: Students are required to meet regularly with the college counselor and more emphasis is placed on life after BASIS Global.
  • 12th Grade: Students have a five-day-a-week course with the college counselor. In this class, students prepare applications, essays and conduct mock interviews. The hope is to move them from being a just a series of test scores (an aggregate of AP, SAT and GPA scores) in the colleges' eyes to being a full portrait of an individual with personal pursuits and accolades required to be successful on the SAT.

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