BASIS Curriculum – 5-7 Overview

The private middle school curriculum for grades 5 through 7 is designed to help students develop academic and organizational skills that will prepare them for the demanding BASIS Curriculum for high school students. We recognize that the abilities to organize time, manage and control oneself are not innate: we must all learn these skills. Our middle-school teachers focus on this every day and help students fine-tune these skills.

In a very real sense, the BASIS Middle School Curriculum is the key to the success of the BASIS High School Curriculum. By introducing high-level content standards in middle school, we ensure students are exposed to these concepts early and often and have mastered the material by the time they enroll in Honors and AP-level courses.

Our curriculum in these grades is designed to provide one of the most advanced private middle school programs available in the world, fully integrating the sciences, arts, mathematics, language and reading. By the end of middle school, students have delved deeply into the critical importance of organization and time management, so that they can conquer the high school curriculum.

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