BASIS Curriculum – 8-12 Overview

The BASIS Curriculum for high school students is widely recognized as one of the most academically advanced private school programs in the world. Like our middle school program, our high school curriculum challenges students to reach the highest international benchmarks and holds students and their teachers accountable for students mastering subject material.

Because the curriculum is so accelerated, our students have the option of graduating after 11th grade; however, most students choose to continue their studies in 12th grade so they can participate in two profoundly influential aspects of the our program: Capstone Courses & Senior Projects.

Two BASIS Scottsdale students smiling

Grade 8

Eigth grade students build their knowledge base with a wide variety of rigorous courses, including a full year of introductory-level Economics and the chance to enroll in advanced electives like Environmental Science, Computer Science or Psychology, which are aligned with the AP curriculum.

Learning Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP)

Although we provide a rigorous and accelerated program for all students, there are some students who are ready to move even faster in certain disciplines. In order to give these students the chance to move ahead to more challenging courses, and in order to further develop the accelerated nature of the our program, we provide LEAP courses in select 8th grade core disciplines: mathematics, science and English. LEAP students must apply for entry to the course, obtain a recommendation from a teacher of that particular subject, and maintain an acceptable overall academic record.

Grades 9-11

BASIS Global offers an accelerated science and liberal arts curriculum that is among the most interesting and rigorous in the country. The curriculum asks students to work hard to reach their academic potential, offers the assurance of comprehensive benchmarking and expert teaching and holds students accountable for their own success. Students are challenged to think critically and develop intellectual agility.

The innovation in ourcurriculum is that we set clear, transparent exit criteria and then work backwards through the academic program to set rigorous but attainable checkpoints along the way. Thus, our students do not fall through the cracks and feel genuinely supported and guided in their studies.

NEW SCHOOLS NOTE: During its first several years, BASIS Global will implement modified course requirements and course offerings for students in grades 6 and higher. For students in grades 9 through 11, these modifications include, but are not limited to, the offering of certain AP courses and exams.

Grade 12

Typical high school curricula end at the AP level-after all, these courses are meant to substitute for introductory-level college courses. However, the advanced nature of the BASIS Curriculum allows us to offer a variety of even more rigorous and intellectually innovative courses to our students. The final academic challenge of BASIS International School Shenzhen is not AP exams. Instead, students are able to enroll in Capstone courses.