BASIS Curriculum – Early Learning Overview

Similar to our K-12 education model, our approach to early childhood learning is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that will also meet, or exceed, the highest international early learning standards/best practices. Our program will provide children with a rich opportunity to experience their first learning community, one that will ignite their love and passion for exploration and acquiring knowledge. In our preschool program, children will make discoveries about themselves and their environment, learn how to be inquisitive on their own or as part of a team, and grow to understand how to play, work, and share with peers. They will enhance their speech and communication skills, and reading and writing ability. They will participate actively in a robust, thoughtful, and specialist-taught introduction to movement, music, art, social studies, science, engineering, and Chinese.

Read more about a day in our Early Learning program here.

BASIS International School Shenzhen preschool lobby

Lobby of Early Learning, BASIS International School Shenzhen