Letter from the Head of School

Dear prospective students and parents,

If you have looked at literature about BASIS.ed or read about us in Amanda Ripley's The Smartest Kids in the World.", or in Thomas Friedman's New York Times editorial, or if you have examined our rankings in US News and World Report, the Washington Post, and Newsweek, you know that the BASIS educational model has demonstrated that it prepares students who can compete successfully with students anywhere in the world. While establishing an international reputation, our schools have until now only been available to students in the United States. BASIS International School Shenzhen is our first outreach to the rest of the world. Our consistent success in establishing internationally recognized schools stateside assures us that we can fulfill our ambition to build the best school in the world right here in your neighborhood, Shenzhen, China.

One important measure of BASIS.ed standards is our emphasis on offering our students college-level work as early as the 6th grade. While students at the highest achieving independent schools in the US typically prepare for three or four Advanced Placement courses in their senior year, our students prepare for and pass six AP courses, and on average they pass ten! Furthermore, most will pass their first AP exam in the eighth grade.

Why is the BASIS.ed model so successful? Because we understand that education is not about pretentious philosophies, not about technological gadgetry, not about endorsements and slogans. It is all about what happens in the classroom between an individual student and his or her teachers. We believe that we can motivate each student to high levels of achievement. We select teachers who are content experts and enthusiastic about their disciplines (for our primary classes we also hire learning experts who work in tandem with content experts), who love teaching, who admire and respect children, and who are dedicated to spending as much time as is needed to help their students succeed. They will inspire your children with their passion for their disciplines, teach your children how to study, and impart in them a love of learning for its own sake. If they do not have the potential to do that, they will not be selected to teach in the BASIS.ed system.

I can't tell you how pleased and excited I am to have been selected as Head of School for the first international school managed by BASIS.ed. And I can't wait to meet with you and share with you in person my excitement and enthusiasm for the BASIS.ed educational model. Please don't hesitate to call or email to schedule an appointment to meet with me, see our facilities, or discuss what we can do for your student on the phone.


Head of School, BASIS International Shenzhen

Jill McConnell, Head of School

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