Our Team

BASIS Curriculum Schools focus on cultivating expert teachers by hiring individuals who possess deep knowledge in the discipline they teach, providing them with a large degree of autonomy in determining how to best achieve student learning gains, and holding them accountable for their results.

Founding Head of School – Jason Shorbe

Founding Head of School – Jason Shorbe

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On-Site Managers and Staff

Sean Clark

Dr. Sean Clark headshot
Head of School

Dr. Clark has been with BASIS for a number of years, most recently as the Head of School at BASIS Flagstaff. While there, he led the school to impressive national academic achievements. BASIS Flagstaff is now one of the top performing schools in the BASIS network.

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Thomas Qiu

Image of Thomas Qiu
Head of Operations

Thomas Qiu has 22 years of experience in management, cross-culture and cross language communication, government relations and foreign affairs. He worked for three international schools before joining BASIS International School Shenzhen.

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We make magic in the classroom and offer unparalleled support outside of the classroom.

Our teachers are unwavering in their belief in the ability of every child to succeed.
They set high expectations and offer continuous support as students rise to meet those expectations. Ask our students what makes their school different, and they will first tell you "the teachers." Our teachers' passion for what they teach creates an environment in which students are nurtured and grow to love learning. Though driven by our core curriculum, teachers are given the freedom to do what they do best: lighting the fire of learning in every child.

Our teachers are highly respected for their knowledge and insight into the individual needs of their students.
Our teachers know that every child learns differently. Students are not only offered - but are encouraged - to seek help and support in and out of the classroom. Every teacher schedules at least two hours per week for individual or small group tutorials. It is not uncommon to find older students voluntarily helping younger students during study periods, lunches, and before or after school. Attend an information session to learn how our culture is forged.